Store locator

Next level store locator

For sure you have already incorporated a store locator into your website. Have you tried to use it yourself, with the aim of simply finding the nearest store of your’s? Do you feel comfortable typing your adress or your postal code first? Do you enjoy browsing lists with non-relevant results until you find what you’ve been looking for? Does it all look and feel like 2001? – upgrade to Nearest!

The most advanced locator SaaS solution (for chain retailers and insurance service providers)

  • Any customer is virtually 1 click away from your store
  • Unlimited locations and locators
  • App for iOS and Android without extra fee
  • Fully featured no matter what plan you choose
  • User-centered design and customizable CI for all devices and touchpoints
  • Works like Google Maps – but exclusively for you
  • Updates your Google Maps Profile at the same time

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