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Intuitive access to your data gives your users answers to their questions. With Nearest! Locator and all other interfaces you get modern implementations for the access to your location data. Nearest! Locator has a state-of-the-art PWA implementation, a robust API (soon) and all the widgets you need to bring locations to your website or online touchpoints.

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Nearest! Import backend

Intuitive mobile-first experience

Optimized localization

Smart algorithms to determine the nearest destination to your position or on your way.

Directions & navigation

Get a fast overview of distance, duration and directions and easily navigate with Google Maps to your destination.

Fast & reliable

Developed with speed and reliability in mind to meet your clients needs.


User-centered design

Clean and simple User-centered design for all devices and touchpoints.

Intuitive UX

State-of-the-art user experience to maximize conversions.

SEO friendly

SEO-optimized landing pages in combination with location-based search queries and full customization.

Customize to your needs

Customized front end integrations

Nearest! Webapp can easily customized with CI colors and logo. If you need more customization, you can implement external CSS to overwrite every sytle.

Custom CTA and user experience

Nearest! can be customized with custom CTA functionality and adept your workflow to fit your needs.

Data import customizations

Your data is unstructured? No worries! Nearest! handles all kind of input data and can be easly extended to fit your needs.

Custom fields and filter

Nearest! has no limitations in custom input data. You have full flexibility in amount, type or origin of the data, which describes your locations.