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Importing and aggregating data is one of the core components of the Nearest! location management platform. Powered by an intuitive interface and robust back-end applications you can manage updates and imports easily: Add multiple synchronization instances, manage scheduled task and get insights of your data quality. Connect your CRM, ERP or CMS to synchronize your location data with Nearest!.

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Nearest! Import backend

Information aggregation

Combine multiple sources into added value.

Multiple sources of all types

You can import unlimited sources of different types like Google Drive, REST Endpoints. Add your custom data or migrate from other solution. Nearest! can handle all kinds of data.

Merge data into single location

Location data can contain varieties of information from multiple sources. We're merging all relevant information into one structured item without any limitation.

Caching of relevant information

To get fast access to your data we're providing smart caching of relevant information. We developed Nearest! with speed and reliability in mind.

Import many different data types

No matter what format your data has, we can process JSON, CSV and XML or can access your Google Sheets directly.

Location data enrichment

Upgrade your location data and add missing information because it's more than a longitde and a latitude.

Combine data

Nearest! provides data for millions of locations. Add missing contact information, business hours and many more to your data-set.


Data is useless without a structure. Nearest! gives all your information the correct structure so it's readable for everything.

Filter & logic

Gain functionality to your data by excluding information from existing data or add complex filter. Nearest! can extract all necessary things for you.


No time and resources to research your missing data? We can help and combine automatic data-matching with manual data research.


Daily, hourly or every minute

Keep up-to-date with scheduled tasks

Simply configure your import how often the data should be processed and all your sources will be updated regularly. Live-data available? No problem. Updates can processed every day, hour or minute.

  • Scheduled updates of multiples sources. Every day, hour or minute
  • Caching relevant information for fast access

Automatic checks of your data quality

With our automatic checks you'll get an overview of your data-quality. We also offer automatic de-dupication with a very hight success rate, restructure your unstructured data:

  • Restructuring address data to a consistent schema and reporting of missing or wrong address data.
  • Automatic de-duplication with a very high success rate.

Your data does not fit?

No worries! We customize incoming data to fit your needs.

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