Front-end and customizations

Customize and integrate beautiful but feature-rich interfaces to your websites and touchpoints.

  • Full featured modern locator webapp
  • Based on Google Material Design patterns
  • Simple CI implementation for colors and logo
  • Custom CSS overwrites with external CSS file

Dashboard & management

Manage & analyze your location-based content with an intuitive administration interface.

  • Full featured cloud location management platform
  • Intuitive administration dashboard to handle all management tasks
  • Add, search, edit and delete locations
  • Manage data synchronization and scheduled synchronization

Mapping, Directions & GIS

All necessary services included, no Google Maps key or external service required.

  • Mapping, directions and autosuggestion included
  • GIS data based on Openstreetmap
  • Tiles and Maps based on Openstreetmap
  • Mapbox, Google Maps can be used with own key
  • Custom map styles can be used with external mapping provider
  • In-house GIS infrastructure
  • Directions based on OSRM
  • Walking and car directions available

Analytics, Marketing & SEO

Get location-based insights and and turn the locator into a business strategy tool.

  • Full Google Analytics integration with own UA
  • Tracking pages, events, searches, conversions
  • Customized Analytics dashboard for locator insights
  • Indexable landing pages for location, country, region pages
  • Custom content with complex rules and variables
  • Custom meta data
  • Automated sitemap.xml generation

Import and Synchronization

Aggregating your data sources and extending location-based content with external sources to gain added value.

  • Google Sheets synchronization
  • Rest API synchronization
  • Bulk upload (xml, csv, json)
  • Unlimited synchronization sources
  • Unlimited scheduled import and synchronization tasks
  • Unlimited input fields
  • Multiple input types
  • Custom data preparation, filtering and structuring of import data
  • Complex geocoding of address data, including fallback solution, timezone support, regional grouping
  • Business and service time synchronization for custom formats and internationalization powered by open standards.
  • Duplication detection with very high success rate

API and developers

Nearest! has no limitations in custom input data. You have full flexibility in amount, type or origin of the data, which describes your locations.

  • Public GraphQL API to access your data
  • Nearest neighbour API (KNN) based on driving or foot distance
  • Includes directions API and route planning information
  • Public API access coming very soon
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