Get extra time to set up

Nearest! gives you as much time as you need to set up your store locator first before you can test the service within your free trial days without any limitation in features and traffic. You have already your data in Bullseye locator? Just give us your ID and we will migrate all your data into Nearest! For free!

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Pay only for prospective clients

Bullseye pricing plans are based on the features you like to have. Nearest!’s plans are based on visitors your prospective clients and offer all features in all plans. In contrast with Bullseye the plans include a unlimited use of map features* like map views, geolocation, autosuggest and route calculation while Bullseye charge you with extra costs depend of the mapping provider you chose.

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price 45 € $45
incl. map features*
all features
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High level of automation

Nearest! Bullseye
sync API endpoints
custom address and hours formats
structuring data
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Nearest! checks duplicates and handle different formats of addresses and opening hours error-free and standardize data from different sources and formats what will let you save time. You maintain data with a 3rd party system or have already your data in bullseye? No problem, just enable access to your location data.

Nearest! boost your web visibility

Improved web visibility = Higher your conversion rates offline

Optimized content-rich location and region pages within a interlinked hierarchical directory will increase web visibility and help you pop to the top of organic search results. Each page is fully indexed in Google and will rank as an individual search result which gives your domain more authority and helping you rank in local search. Check the user traffic for your store finder and store pages direct in Analytics, along with the usual website insights. Nearest! dashboards gives you a beneficial analysis.

Nearest! Bullseye
indexable SEO optimized pages
custom headlines, text, meta data
analytics access and dashboards
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Nearest! comparison to its alternatives

See more Nearest! alternatives and check out how it performes compared to ZenLocator, MetaLocator, Storemapper, storepoint orBullseye Location.

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