Out-of-the-box solutions

Store locator

Convert online traffic to offline conversions and help to find you offline.

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Brand locator

Give customers the answers where they can find your products.

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Give your client access to features they need and get data you need.

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Publisher listings

State-of-the art publishing and monetization for location data.

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A location management platform

Nearest! is a full-featured cloud-platform to manage location-based content like POI, dynamic objects and events in relation to the user's distance. It covers all processes of aggregating, managing and integrating of location data and it also contains GIS (online maps, geocoding, routing), smart algorithms to locate nearest spots and a robust API to manage and integrate dynamic data.

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How Nearest! can help features


Structuring location data for the interfaces of tomorrow

Your location data is more than a longitude and a latitude: Aggregating all your data pipes and extending your data with external sources to gain added value.

  • Scheduled updates of multiples sources. Every day, hour or minute
  • Aggregate and combine multiple REST sources
  • Import all kinds of data like JSON, XML, CSV, Google Docs
  • Extract information and apply complex filter and logic
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Beautiful and customizable integrations

Customize and integrate beautiful but feature-rich interfaces to your websites and touchpoints. Convert online traffic to offline conversions and help your customers to find you offline. Enable access to your location data.

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Marketing & analyzation


Custom CTA

Add custom actions to your locations and connect events to your location data.

Publish & monetize location-based content

Want to monetize your location-based traffic? Nearest! gives you all you need to stand out from your competitors: Sponsered listings with multiple featured plans, selling ads inventory and affiliate programs and all the tools and requirements for SEO.

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Monetize location-based traffic

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