Help your customers to find you offline.

Your customers have chosen you, do not put a spoke in their wheel to find you! We provide a seamless experience connecting visitors to the nearest locations, events or real time dynamic objects to create offline conversions from online traffic.

What is it all about?

What is Nearest! ?

Nearest! standardises visualisation, marketing, management and localization of POI, dynamic objects and events in relation to the user's distance.

Location management system

The Nearest! SaaS is a fully featured cloud-infrastructure to manage location-based content. It contains a location-based CMS, GIS (online maps, geocoding, routing), smart algorithms to locate nearest spots and a robust API to manage and integrate dynamic data.

Cross-platform user experience

A customizabl state of the art user interface effortlessly guides users to their nearest POI – no matter what device is used. Nearest! provides a seamless usability via mobile, web, app, embedded in corporate website or social-media profiles and a GraphQL API.

Solutions & Usecases

Store locator

List unlimited shop locations and guide your clients directly to their nearest location.

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Brand finder

Show your clients where they find your brand. No location limits.

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Finder Apps

You have the data, we have the infrastructure. Easy import and full-featuread application.

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Postal services

Free forever for postal services and courier company to show their locations.

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Our Features

Optimized localization

Smart algorithms to determine the nearest destination to your position or on your way.

Directions & navigation

Get a fast overview of distance, duration and directions and easily navigate with Google Maps to your destination.

Fast & reliable

Developed with speed and reliability in mind to meet your clients needs.

Analytics & data

Full Google Analytics integration to analyze your users behavior.

Easy UX

State-of-the-art user experience to maximize conversions

User-centered design

Clean and simple User-centered design for all devices and touchpoints.

Fully SEO friendly

SEO-optimized landing pages in combination with location-based search queries and full customization.


Flexible GraphQL API to access your location data and all Nearest! features.

Build Next level locator apps.

  • Standalone application (demo) or embedd to existing websites (see example) and products.
  • Custom integration of dynamic content – based on location and time.
  • User-centered design for all devices and touchpoints.
  • Smart algorithms to determine the nearest destination to your position or on your way.
  • Customizable white-label solution to match with your data structure and your corporate identity.
  • Everybody can build up location-based platforms and monetize with our affiliate program. For free, without programming skills.

Plans & pricing

Setup time & first month free

No credit card necessary for registration






  • unlimited unique visitors
  • unlimited locations
  • no extra fees
  • shows ads
  • all current & upcoming features
  • afiliate program


39 € month

(annual payment)

45 € / month

(monthly payment)

  • 1 - 10,000 unique visitors
  • soft limits
  • unlimited locations
  • no extra fees
  • monthly subscription
  • all current & upcoming features


499 € month

(annual payment)

600 € / month

(monthly payment)

  • unlimited visitors
  • no limits
  • unlimited locations
  • no extra fees
  • monthly subscription
  • all current & upcoming features

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Demo request

If you would like a non-binding and free demo with your data, fill in the fields.

- Link to the existing solution: We will try to read the data and import it into our software
- Email your data: Simply send us an exort of the data to


We use the data in accordance with our privacy policy and assure that we will only use this information for the purpose of this demo, and you will distribute it or publish it and delete it immediately after the end of the demo phase.

Awesome Team

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The roadmap to the next levels

Himeros release

Filter locations, GDPR compliance, advanced internal linking, UI improvements

coming soon in Q2 2018
End of Q2 2018

Ovid release

Full featured import application to import, format and clean tons of locations from diffrent sources

Hades release

Complete redesign of the Nearest! administration backend. Full featured location management system. ProxyPass integration.

Q3 2018
Q4 2018

Olymp release

Implement realtime functionality. Add native iOS and Android apps based on React Native.


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