SaaS solution to create and upgrade location-based services


Our vision

Providing a seamless experience connecting visitors to their nearest locations, events or realtime dynamic objects.

Our mission

Creating offline conversions from online traffic. Mapping digital data to real-world environments – and real-world data to digital environments. Extending real-time location-based information.

Build location-platforms for points of interest, dynamic objects or events
– out of the box!

What is Nearest!

What is Nearest! ?

Nearest! standardises visualisation, marketing, management and localization of POI, dynamic objects and events in relation to the user's distance.

Location management system

The Nearest! SaaS is a fully featured cloud-infrastructure to manage location-based content. It contains a location-based CMS, GIS (online maps, geocoding, routing), smart algorithms to locate nearest spots and a robust API to manage and integrate dynamic data.

Cross-platform user experience

A customizable state of the art user interface effortlessly guides users to their nearest POI – no matter what device is used. Nearest! provides a seamless usability via mobile, web, app, embedded in corporate website or social-media profiles and a RESTful API.

Nearest! Location Software
Revolutionary location software

The Nearest! experience is focused on absolute usability – for you to build your mapping solutions – and for your users to easily find your nearest place.
Hassle-free! In no time!

Realtime database techniques and comprehensive API give unprecedented flexibility for developers. Either connecting dynamic data to Nearest! or using it as a stepping stone to develop amazing location-based apps.

Nearest! Realtime locator
Nearest! Event locator
Nearest! Locator

Unprecedented features

  • Custom integration of dynamic content – based on location and time.
  • Map Internet of things (IoT) objects or events.
  • User-centered design for all devices and touchpoints.
  • Smart algorithms to determine the nearest destination to your position or on your way.
  • Customizable white-label solution to match with your data structure and your corporate identity.
  • Fair and transparent plans and pricing.
  • Full-featured no matter what plan you choose.
  • Everybody can build up location-based platforms and monetize with our affiliate program. For free, without programming skills.
  • Exclusive app with your data integrated on iOS or Android without extra fee.
  • Unlimited locations and locators.